Bleach 587 - The Headless Star 6

Dance of Snow White  ❅ 
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I’ve been talking about giveaways for ever but never got to them. But I’ve been slowly gatherings things Rukia related for a giveaway care-package. Once all items are collected, I’ll make an official post.

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"Can you feel that, Nii-sama? …This reiatsu!"
A hero’s comeback. - 
Bleach 581

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Kuchiki Rukia episode 342;
                   ░▒▓ color palette

Sorry to bother you but I wanted to ask , what is Seireitei's Glamour ,is it official?

Whoa, I’m glad it looks genuine! But no, “Seiretei’s Glamour” is just an edit theme I have for this blog. Feel free to check on the tag “theme: magazine” for previous covers ;)